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Overview of COS


College of Sequoias

Visalia Technical Early College & College of Sequoias

Experience the power of collaboration with Visalia Technical Early College (VTEC) and the College of Sequoias (COS). Since VTEC's inception in 2010, our dynamic partnership has paved the way for students to seamlessly integrate COS classes into their early college journey, unlocking academic opportunities and career pathways. The 35-acre VTEC site, once shared with COS, now stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering educational excellence.

In 2019, VTEC and COS joined forces to secure a K12 Smarter Workforce Program Grant, catalyzing the growth of our Early College Agricultural Pathways. As the grant evolved, so did our dedication. In 2023, VUSD invested in a full-time Early College Student Success Liaison, Jamie Kelley, a COS veteran with a wealth of experience in supporting and engaging college students. VTEC proudly stands as one of the few schools in Tulare County offering this exceptional service, embodying our unwavering excitement for the bright futures we're shaping together. Join us on this thrilling educational journey where possibilities know no bounds.


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COS Summer of 2023 -Spring 2024 Semester On A Page "Academic Calendar"

"Academic Calendar"

Check out the Summer 2023-Spring of 2024 Semester On A Page.  It shows all of the holidays and non-instruction days for the College of Sequoia.  

COS Summer of 2024 -Spring 2025 Semester On A Page "Academic Calendar"

"Academic Calendar"

Check out the Summer 2024-Spring of 2025 Semester On A Page.  It shows all of the holidays and non-instruction days for the College of Sequoia.  

First-Time Freshman Application Checklist

If you are going to be a first-time freshman at COS next fall, click on this link for a helpful checklist of steps to get you started on the right foot at COS.

Important Information for Incoming Students 2023-2024

If you are attending COS in the Summer of 2023 or 2023-2024 click on this link to see ALL of the important dates coming up regarding applications, FAFSA and Counseling.

How to Add a Class with an Add Code

Here are the directions if you're still trying to add a class and you have an add code.

VTEC Scholarship Foundation COS Textbook Reimbursement Form 2023-2024

The VTEC Scholarship Foundation will reimburse VTEC students for the cost of COS Textbooks if they cannot afford to purchase them.  They will also assist in purchasing textbooks upfront for students who need the assistance.  See Mr. Braun for more details or email him, Mr. Braun


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