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COS Concurrent & Dual Enrollment


COS English 1 is moving to an online format. See email from your instructor, Jordan Dakin, and contact Mrs. Williams if you need assistance with technology or anything else related to this course.



Support for COS students during COVID-19.  Update 3-19-2020

COS Concurrent and Dual Enrollment Resources  

1. Library/LRC Hours: We are currently running regular hours.  Keeping this website up-to-date with virtual support if that changes:

2. Helpful tools and information for faculty/students on COS Alternate Forms of Instruction.

3.  Canvas Support: 24/7/365​​ -- Student Support  1(877) 894-3392

4. Writing Center: Students should be directed to the “COSTutor” icon in their MyGiant to set-up an appointment, these can be online or in person

5. Internet Options: Many companies are providing reduced or free service.  See table here:  Internet Options


Free-Reduced Internet Resources 

 Important COS Update 3-18-20

Students concurrently enrolled in classes on the COS campus should have been contacted by their instructors as to how the class is moving forward. 

Dual enrollment students taking English 1 on VTEC's campus M/W should have been contacted by Mr. Dakin.  This course has been moved to an online format as VTEC is closed.

Please contact Mrs. Willams if you need any assistance or support with classes, computers, internet etc.

For assistanace with your mygiant account, contact COS Welcome Center 


COS Concurrent and Dual Enrollment


  • Visalia Technical Early College partners with College of the Sequoias to provide early college experiences for students who demonstrate readiness.  VTEC students must be prepared for the rigor and expectations of college coursework and utilize supports available to them both at VTEC and COS.  VTEC students will take a proactive approach in completing applications and forms, meeting deadlines, and seeking assistance to ensure their personal success.  VTEC and COS staff, along with parents/guardians will support students through this process.

  • Application Workshops:
    • 2/20  Juniors
    • 2/24  Sophomores
    • 2/25  Freshman
  • HS Permission Form and COS Request Forms Due March 27th
    • Make appointment to review your forms prior to the March 27th deadline
    • 3/27  HS Permission Forms and COS Request Forms deadline
  • Priority Registration April 28th 
    • Bring your approved COS Request form to VTEC Room 4 and register classes at 8am


      • Students will be provided COS registration materials in their AVID classes during the months of October for Spring Semester and March for Summer/Fall semesters.
      • For Concurrent Enrollment (courses taught on COS campus), student and parent/guardians must sign the high school permission form approving specific courses and understand what is being signed up for. Students must meet the minimum qualifications per the COS High School Permission Form.  The Learning Director will give final approval and sign the form if student qualifies.
      • For Dual Enrollment, students, parents, and the Learning Director will sign the dual enrollment forms.
      • For both concurrent and dual enrollment, students must complete an online application to be launched from during AVID.  If a student is currently enrolled in a COS course, they will not need to complete a new application.
      • Students may choose classes toward earning a Certificate, AA/AS degree, or IGETC, or they may explore courses of interest related to their career interests.
      • Students will search classes and complete a COS Request Form in preparation for VTEC Priority Registration Day independently and during AVID.  Classes on this form must match the classes approved on the High School Permission Form.
      • UC courses numbered 0-99 and CSU courses numbered 1-199 (transferrable courses) and pathway courses receive a GPA bump on student transcripts.


      • Students must take a proactive role in their education and attend all classes on time and complete all work assigned. 
      • Parents are encouraged to monitor student progress, and contact VTEC's Learning Director as needed.  COS will not discuss student progress with parents.
      • Students must utilize all resources available at COS, including The Welcome Center, Professor Office Hours, Counseling, Writing Lab, Math Lab/tutoring, Access & Ability Center, etc.  
      • Students must drop classes by the drop without a "W" deadline if needed and inform the Mrs. Williams or Mr. Craft immediately so VTEC schedule can be adjusted.  See COS dates.
      • All grades earned at COS are permanent and will follow students, whether good or bad.  Students are responsible for dropping classes by the final drop date if they realize they might fail or earn a D.  Students who earn a "W, D, or F" on their COS and VTEC report cards, and will need to retake the course the following semester.  See the learning director for assistance as needed.



      • VTEC students must submit a COS transcript to Mrs. Roebuck within two weeks of course completion.
      • All COS grades will be listed on student transcripts and included in high school GPA's.
      • Students earning D's, W's, or F's will be placed on academic probation and will be required to retake the course the following semester and create a plan for success.
      • Students requesting textbook reimbursement mus



COS Alternate Forms of Instruction

A variety of helpful resources

COS Login Assistance

Concurrent Enrollment

COS classes taken on a COS campus

COS Dual Enrollment

COS classes taken at VTEC

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